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I remember Ralph Richardson as the General in Jean Anouilh’s play; would you believe I still have the Playbill from the old Coronet Theatre almost 65 years ago? Well, today STJ Peter (“HB”) Panuthos, head-banger (see my blogpost “Old-Time Head-Banging – Part Deux,” 9/4/20), apparently frustrated by the wily balletomania of Peter Brancovich Turek, Docket No. 15447-19*, filed 11/29/21, has put out a schedule for play-nice discovery.

Since last June, the parties were thus engaged, and last month each filed a separate status report, “…indicating that the informal discovery process was ongoing and that the case was not yet ready for trial.” Order, at p. 1.

Y’all will recollect that Peter Brancovich is a psychologist/psychiatrist, who succumbed to STJ HB’s head-banging as to the original SNOD; but when IRS upped the ante by way of amended answer, thereby surmounting the $50K small-claimer cutoff, Peter Bancovich wanted to go to trial on the whole shebang.

So to begin with, STJ HB orders the parties to continue to play nice, and only make discovery motions when all else fails. And schedules everything else, with a view to trying this case “When Spring comes back with rustling shade/And apple-blossoms fill the air.”

I blog it here as a checklist for those engaged in Branerton in three-quarter time.

*Peter Brancovich Turek 15447-19 11 29 21

  1. I’m still waiting for scheduling in my first impression case you have mentioned before, from 2017.



  2. I’m not sure I recall your case. As I’ve posted some 3,999 posts since I started this blog in December, 2010, you’ll doubtless pardon me if I don’t remember every new planet that swims into my ken.


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