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It’s more than five years since I lamented the want of what we called in my young day head-banging in US Tax Court. See my blogpost “Old-Time Head-Banging,” 6/5/15.

Since it’s Friday evening before a three-day weekend, I suppose the last thing any reader wants to do is look at a five-year old blogpost, when they could look at a fifteen-year old Speyside single malt (up, no ice, no water), so I’ll tell you what I said.

“There were old-school judges, men (sorry ladies, this was in the Bad Old Days) who dragged into chambers and robing rooms recalcitrant litigants and badgered settlements out of them.

“We called it “banging heads.”

“And it saved a ton of time, money, vexation and effort, which otherwise would be wasted trying a case before a somnolent jury whose principal concerns were lunch and getting out of there.”

Well, today I’m glad to see the practice imported to The Glasshouse by STJ Peter Panuthos, in Peter Brancovich Turek, Docket No. 15447-19S, filed 9/4/20.

Now I’m not saying that Peter (the petitioner) was recalcitrant, or that his case lacked merit; I haven’t seen the papers, so how can I know?

But STJ Panuthos (finally about to earn a Taishoff cognomen) is equal to the task. Teletrial was set for 9/24 in my hometown.

“On August 28, 2020, respondent filed a motion for continuance. On August 29, 2020, petitioner filed his opposition to respondent’s motion. On August 30, 2020, petitioner filed a motion to change place of trial to Portland, Maine.

“On September 2, 2020, the Court held a conference call with the parties. During the conference call, and after an extensive discussion, petitioner agreed to concede all adjustments as set forth in the notice of deficiency. Respondent’s counsel advised that she would prepare a stipulated decision document and send it to petitioner for review.

“The Court will require the parties to submit settlement documents or to provide further information on the status of this case in advance of trial and will hold the aforementioned motions in abeyance.” Order, at p. 1.

“After an extensive discussion.”

Now that brings a nostalgic grin to my battered visage. Henceforth, STJ Peter Panuthos shall be herein referred to as STJ Peter (“HB”) Panuthos. The HB stands for…I’m sure you know.





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