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It’s a thrilling moment in baseball when the baserunner goes for an extra base. The acrobatic fielder firing the ball from an impossible position; the runner’s feet, legs, and lungs pumping like mad; the fielder’s waiting teammate urging the ball to the glove while trying to avoid an interference call from the hovering umpire; and the third base coach urging the runner on in a frantic ballet. What a scene.

And then the cloud of dust, as the runner slides and the tag is (or is not) applied.

Well, today this thrilling spectacle is being played at The Glasshouse on Second Street, NW. There is neither opinion nor order, not even a press release, notwithstanding that, as my source tells me, today is not a public holiday in The City of Much Taxation but no Representation.

It seems that Judges (both Senior and regular), STJs, flailing datestampers, and hardlaboring intake clerks, have all taken an extra base after the Thanksgiving  Day holiday.

Hence the cloud of dust and nothing else on this my blog.


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