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The single most dangerous keystroke is that which sends the document to tribunal or adversary (or both). We may speak of clawbacks per FRE 502 and corrective resubmissions, but the ancient Japanese proverb remains true: “The word once spoken, not even the Emperor’s horsemen can return.”

However great the time pressure, read it again, slowly.

Judge Alina I. (“AIM”) Marshall provides an example that reinforces the aforesaid. To save embarrassment, I’ll call the attorney Jimmy.

Jimmy, “…filed a document titled ‘entry of appearance for respondent’. Upon review of that filing, the Court concludes that [Jimmy] is entering an appearance on behalf of petitioner. Accordingly, the Court will recharacterize counsel’s filing appropriately.”

Form 7 makes it easy. Just drag and drop your client’s name.

The order is Airreyon S. Lowe Docket No. 4629-20, filed 1/20/23.


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