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Last March I chronicled the pretrial and trial behavior of Michael Zorn, Docket No. 25974-17, under the title “Don’t Raise Your Blood Pressure,” 3/30/22.

Today Judge Courtney D (“CD”) Jones has the outcome of the trial, and if this tale of Mike’s ripping off an old woman with terminal cancer and early dementia to support his tax-dodging, high-hog lifestyle does not raise your blood pressure, you might wish to stop reading this blogpost now.

Mike was an insurance peddler who had his MD license suspended, but peddled on regardless. He didn’t bother filing a return from 1997 onward. IRS hits Mike for eleven (count ’em, eleven) years’ worth of unfiled, unpaid, unestimated and fraudulently nonfiled.

Judge CD Jones tells the story of Mike’s raid on Mrs. Jewett’s money at pp. 12-15 of the transcript of this off-the-bencher, Michael Zorn, Docket No. 25974-17, filed 1/23/23.

She then marches through the factors for loans (Mike loses) and Section 6651(f) fraudulent nonfiling (Mike loses).

I can only say again what I said some five years ago: “I am reminded of Rudy Kipling’s story of an India long ago, where the hero handed the victim of an equally despicable fraud a horsewhip, and left the scene.”


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