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DC Cir put paid to the dream of wealth of many Section 7623 hopefuls when they torpedoed Mandy Mobley Li, whose judicial defenestration I chronicled last year in extenso. I fully expected Tax Court’s hardlaboring clerks to delete every claimant, based solely upon the Ogden Sunseteers’ solemnly intoning “we didn’t get nuthin’.”

Of course, though Fighting Joe Insinga, Docket No. 9011-13W, passed from this vale of tears, his redoubtable successor, Ms. Amanda Gilmore, stepped into the fray and was greeted by a successful IRS motion to stay proceedings last November, after nine (count ’em, nine) years.

But there’s an even older case that today meets the same fate, Albert G. Hill, III, Docket No. 25539-10W, filed 1/18/23. I can’t help but wonder whether this Albert G. Hill, III, is the same Al III who starred in my blogpost “Three Point Play,” 10/25/21.

Howbeit, the OS claim they didn’t get nuthin’, but this Al III claims they did. For the last eleven years, there’s been some discovery jousting with the almost-obligatory sanctions motion, and an IRS motion for summary J that got bounced back in November, 2018. Then status reports.

Is now the time for the Li toss? As subjects worthy of blogging become fewer, I’m sorry to lose the whistleblowing crowd. Given the current political climate concerning IRS’ headcount (as to which I’ll say no more on this nonpolitical blog), the Ogden Sunseteers might want to take a more active role.


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