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Since the event in the headline first set forth at the head hereof took place, That Obliging Jurist, Judge David Gustafson, once again obliges. He sets right today IRS’ manifold mathematical miscues in Wendell C. Robinson and May T. Jung-Robinson, Docket No. 6446-19L, filed 6/21/22 (Happy Solstice).

Wendell and May have been making appearances on this my blog for the last five (count ’em, five) years, ever since my blogpost “Wipe Out,” 10/19/17. Today Judge Gustafson finally enters decision, thereby depriving me of another good source of blogfodder.

You can read for yourselves, if you suffer from chronic insomnia, Judge Gustafson’s unraveling and reweaving of the numbers that IRS has managed to scramble, fumble, and obfuscate all these years.

I am sure Judge Gustafson decided not to remand this frittata back to the parties, lest this fandango dance on for another five years.

Like the old Excedrin ad, he’d rather do it himself.

  1. Anacin.
    Not Excedrin.


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