In Uncategorized on 06/22/2022 at 18:27

The necessity for posting each working day certainly serves as did Lennon/McCartney’s hole where the rain came in. There were no Tax Court opinions today, and the 266 orders are beyond humdrum.

So maybe it’s time to put posting aside, and set my mind a-wandering, where it will go.

Wonder what will become of ex-Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley’s proposed changes to the Rulers of Practice and Procedure. Wonder when we’ll get post-2018 statistics on how many took the non-attorney admission examination (s/a/k/a The Slaughter of the Innocents) and how many passed. Wonder how many of the 35,000+ petitions from 2021 will actually result in trials (this number and the number from the preceding may bear a close correlation). Wonder what will finally replace conservation boondockery as The Next Big Dodge.

Wonder why anyone in Mongolia or Bolivia would care what happens in United States Tax Court.


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