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Not recommended, when it comes to Form 6, the Ownership Disclosure Statement. I’ve pointed this out numerous times before now. One sample is my blogpost “Even Good Accountants,” 3/25/19.

The form itself is useful in a tiny fraction of cases. Most of the corporate and partnership grist coming to the judicial mill at 400 Second St, NW, was not harvested in the fields of Fortune 500 or multinational conglomerates. Most are mom-and-pops, and even the big-ticket ones are syndicates of individuals, disregardeds, and passthroughs.

Howbeit, the rules have sanctified the requirement to file, and “my unhallowed hands shall not disturb it.”

But as the vast majority of those who are told to fill out the form haven’t a clue what it requires of them, make it easy. Instead of “if none, so state,” how about “YOU CANNOT LEAVE THIS SPACE BLANK; IF NONE, WRITE “NONE”.

Then we wouldn’t have such timewasters as R. Finn Enterprises, Ltd., Docket No. 29721-21L, filed 1/24/22.


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