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Get Form 6 Wrong

I certainly do not include my colleague, and good companion at lunch, Peter J. Reilly, CPA, nor any of my good friends thus credentialled.

But GoodAccountants Com Inc, Docket No. 3578-19, filed 3/25/19, lets long-suffering Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley tell us again that even being good accountants doesn’t avail when confronted with disclosing your ownership.

“…petitioner filed in the above-docketed matter an Ownership Disclosure Statement. However, such statement is incomplete in that it contains no disclosures; rather, it bears only petitioner’s signature but is otherwise blank. As relevant here, the form directs petitioner to list all parent corporations and entities owning 10 percent or more of petitioner’s stock OR to state that there is no such parent corporation or entity.” Order, at p. 1.

I’ll say it again: Ch J, modify the form. Put in the language YOU CANNOT LEAVE THIS FORM BLANK. IF “NONE”, WRITE “NONE.”



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