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Y’all will recollect that IRS’ virtuous trial counsel, discovering controlling contrary precedent downGolzenized to James E. Hansen & Helen R. Hansen, Docket No. 16157-18, filed 12/7/21*, brought same to the attention of Judge Morrison, earning him a Class A diss from his fellow IRS counsel. If not, see my blogpost “A Current Example,” 11/4/21.

Well, IRS’ virtuous attorney may have earned the scorn of his mates for following ABA Model Rule 3.3(a)(2), but Jim & Helen R want Section 7430 legals and admins.

So Judge Morrison orders a volley of responses. Will Jim & Helen be rewarded for IRS counsel’s virtue? Stay tuned.

*James Hansen & Helen Hansen Docket 16157-18 12 7 21


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