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Those prepping for the Glasshouse Slaughterhouse, s/a/k/a the examination for admission to practice before the United States Tax Court, and those of us who need some ethics hours to comply with our State’s mandatory CLE requirements, must truly and deeply acknowledge our indebtedness to The Great Chieftain of the Jersey Boys for his exhaustive drill-down into the ABA Model Rules as they impact past (and future) iterations of the Slaughterhouse two days ago.

And this morning, Judge Morrison gives us an extensive lesson in disclosing legal authority adverse to one’s position, and the consequences thereof, in James E. Hansen & Helen R. Hansen, 16157-18, filed 11/4/21*.

See Order, at pp. 4-5. Note that a docket search shows place of trial in 9th Cir., thus making the case cited controlling per Golsen. Note the crafty way questions are posed on the Slaughterhouse: is the case controlling in the Circuit wherein petitioner resided when petition filed?

See also how OCC threw IRS’ honorable trial counsel under the cliché, Order, at p. 10.

The wages of virtue?

*James E Hansen & Helen R Hansen 16157-18, filed 11 4 21


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