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My colleague Peter Reilly, CPA, must be back from his summer vacation, because he’s looking for blogfodder. He asked me about the 5/29/20 press release announcing the return of the online document photocopy service from the Tax Court Records Department.

He asked what had been done before. I emailed him that one had to visit The Glasshouse in the Stateless City, and petition the clerks for a quick peek at the file, glancing at the same while immured within the Glasshouse walls.

I ought to have referred him to my blogpost “Copycats,” 12/3/20, wherein I stated  “(C)heaper than PACER, given the three-buck cap. Any document you want, for the price of a bottle of Trader Joe’s famous plonk.”

Edited to add, 8/18/21: Y’know, maybe sealing a lot of files and charging for copies of orders and opinions that were made public for just one day is a fundraiser for Tax Court. I wonder.


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