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I’ve hitherto loudly lamented that one had to surry on down to the stoned soul Glasshouse in the Wannabe State to obtain a glimpse of briefs and like filings, the same not being available via PACER.

But COVID-19, the proverbial ill wind, may have blown a scintilla of good.

Though the “small court,” notoriously shy and best known for the large bushelbasket under which it keeps its light, has kept this a well-hidden secret, I hasten to play the Matthew 10:27 gambit.

Here’s the story: “Until further notice, requests for copies of Court records from non-parties (copy requests) must be made by telephone and will be fulfilled electronically by email. The Court’s fees with respect to these copy requests will be $0.50 per page, with a per-document cap of $3.00. The Records Department can be reached at (202) 521-4688.”

Cheaper than PACER, given the three-buck cap. Any document you want, for the price of a bottle of Trader Joe’s famous plonk. 


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