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I asked the Genius Baristas how I might link to an opinion reported on the day it was issued, but thereafter disappeared when the entire docket was blocked.

Here is the reply: “The docket record is available to the public.

“You appear to be receiving an error message because you are trying to link to a particular document.  DAWSON generally does not create permanent links.   The one exception to this is the docket record.  If you would like to create a permanent link to a Tax Court document, you will need to download the document and create your own permalink.”

Except the docket record is not available to the public when the docket record is sealed, notwithstanding the fact that orders and the opinion have appeared on the day(s) issued in plain sight on the Tax Court website.

And I have no intention of creating a library of Tax Court orders and opinions that should be available to the public for review, and is mandated by statute to be made available to the public (Section 7461).

That is, creating for free. If Tax Court wants to pay me my hourly billing rate to do it, let’s talk.


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