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No, not the now-passé, formerly ubiquitous, three-dimensional imagery. Today we have the lesser-known version of the term, meaning “entirely in one’s own handwriting.” This was the delight of the wills and trusts professors of my young day, teasing out those jurisdictions where such scrawls were accorded probate as wills.

If memory serves, recourse to the holographic will was limited to active-duty servicemembers. It needed to be written almost on the field of battle and in the presence of the enemy, the testator having no time to revoke same by the execution of a proper instrument in the presence of alert witnesses and competent counsel.

That doughty guardian of the USTC coffers, ever alert to bounce, without notice or warning, thrifty petitioners who fail to ante up the Big Sixty small blind, Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley, lets in a holographic waiver from Mark E. Wood, Jr., Docket No. 6339-19, filed 5/7/19.

“…the Court directed petitioner to pay the Court’s $60.00 filing fee or submit an Application for Fee Waiver for consideration. …(P)etitioner filed a Request for Place of Trial, upon which he handwrote a request for fee waiver.” Order, at p. 1.

Ch J Mighty Mo gives Mark Jr. the waiver.

Word to the impecunious: When you send whatever to the Glasshouse at 400 Second Street, NW, write something about how you want a waiver.


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