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Jose F. Pacheco Jaime, Docket No. 24023-18, filed 5/6/19, didn’t bother signing his petition or sending in the sixty Georges, so Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley, having given him a second chance, tossed JFPJ a couple weeks ago (hi, Judge Holmes).

But now JFPJ and IRS have a stipulated decision.

So “upon due consideration and to permit entry of the stipulated decision,” Order, at p. 1, Ch J Mighty Mo vacates the toss.

OK, so what happened to the sixty bucks? We know that defective petitions and unsigned petitions get cured by a stiped decision. But Ch J Mighty Mo has tossed petitions less than a week after they come through the door at 400 Second Street, NW, for want of the sixty bucks. See, e.g. (as my two-Grey-Goose-Gibson-lunching colleagues would put it), my blogpost “The Tossed Petitioner,” 10/29/18.

So can we save sixty bucks by shooting in a petition, stipping out with IRS, and, if in the meantime we’ve been tossed, reversing the toss by entering decision?

Looks like JFPJ did just that. Here’s the stiped decision.

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