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STJ Daniel A. (“Yuda”) Guy has a reminder for those who opt for small case treatment. Since you can’t appeal, the notice-of-appeal extension of time in Section 7481 doesn’t help.

The reminder is a designated hitter, Victor M. Crown, Docket No. 030082‑14S L, filed 3/20/19. Vic lost a small claimer in April two years ago, which I didn’t blog.

Now he decides to try for a Rule 162 vacation. He’s late, of course.

Vic is out unless “…the decision is shown to be void, or a legal nullity, for lack of jurisdiction over either the subject matter or the party, (2) the decision was obtained through fraud on the Court, or (3) there is a need to correct a clerical error in the decision.” Order, at p. 2. (Citation omitted.)

Vic can’t do any thereof.

So a small-claimer becomes final on Day 30, because the 90-day push for filing notice of appeal is meaningless, as there is no right of appeal. Section 7463(b) places a Congressionally-mandated jurisdictional bar on the appellate courts.


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