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I will spare my readers any allusion to the 1976 Meredith Willson Broadway musical hit; it’s late, I had a fun-filled day of art and music, and I’m tired.

Bur I owe it to my readers to tell them about River City Excavation, Inc., Docket No. 22751-18L, filed 3/19/19. River City’s troubles have to do with the Section 6721 chops for filing messed-up information returns. There must be a ton of them, because River City is complaining about three (count ‘em, three) years’ worth.

IRS wants to toss all three for untimeliness, and River City folds as to two, but claims they got a NOD for the third year, and that one they timely petitioned.

It seems River City petitioned everything, and the SO considered it all, although not formally joining everything. River City argues that Reg. 301.6330-1(a)(3), Q&A-D2, obliges Respondent to combine CDP hearings where practical, and deal with everything.

But if the NITL and NFTL for the two untimely years were joined with the timely year, doesn’t that oust Tax Court of jurisdiction? Isn’t the NOD for the timely year a supplemental NOD?

Ch. Judge Maurice B (”Mighty Mo”) Foley wants to know. After all, remember LG Kendrick, LLC. What, you don’t? Then see my blogpost “Be Careful What You Ask For – Part Deux,” 1/21/16. Now LG Kendrick LLC involved Form 941s, and the forms in this case are information only, not payment.

But maybe the rules are the same.

Let both sides discuss, but let IRS tell Ch J Mighty Mo if they’re going to issue a new NOD for the one open year.

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