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I’ve said it before, but a certain attorney, whom I’ll hereinafter designate as DK, does it right.

The order is in Howard Lapensohn, Docket No. 30335-13, filed 10/13/16, but it’s DK’s story.

Late last August Judge Chiechi unsorted two petitions in this case, gave them different docket numbers, and bifurcated the two trials. Judge Chiechi told DK to file his Entry of Appearance in the case with a different docket number from that set forth hereinabove in the immediately preceding paragraph (as my high-priced colleagues would say).

DK does the ton. He files two Entries of Appearance in this case and one in the other.

Judge Chiechi strikes the two in this case.

This proves DK knows what every Little League catcher learns in her/his first game, and carries through life like a torch in flame: when you’re lying in the dirt at home plate, tag ‘em all; tag the runner, the batter, the umpire and yourself. That way you know you got ‘em.

The umpire (or the judge) is paid to sort it out.


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