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Not in Tax Court

Rarely, I get an e-mail from someone who wants me to take down a post about their case. Mostly, I won’t do it.

Threats of fire and slaughter do not move me. I’ve been rocketed by the Viet Cong, fired on by the US Air Force (they were only having fun, but stopped when I threatened to shoot back), been bawled out by clients, adversaries, clerks and judges, threatened with disciplinary action (never happened), and sued more times than I can remember.

Nathan Detroit has nothing on me.

But before the next one who’s worried about their innermost legumes being distributed abroad wastes electrons howling at me, take a look at Anthony Caruso & Maria Caruso, Docket No. 20714-15, filed 10/13/16.

And have a word with Judge Nega. Anything you tell Tax Court not under seal (and the judge decides what’s sealed) is public record.


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