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I thought that, aside from the calendar call program and the LITCs, there was no system for assignment of counsel in Tax Court. See my blogpost “With Friends Like Him,” 2/26/13.

So I’m asking for help in figuring out whence came Olena Ruth, Esq., of the CO Bar, who nobly agrees to intercede pro bono for Linda J. Abramson-Schmeiler in Joachim P. Schmeiler & Linda J. Abramson-Schmeiler, Docket No. 17187-12, filed 1/6/16.

His Honor Judge Big Julie, more formally His Honor Judge Julian I Jacobs, hereinafter HHBJJJIJ, is somewhat elliptical in said order.

“… the undersigned held a conference call with Linda J. Abramson-Schmeiler (Ms. Abramson), and counsel for respondent. It became apparent that Ms. Abramson required the advice of counsel. The conference call was ended, and a member of the Colorado Bar, Olena Ruth, was contacted. Ms. Ruth agreed to review Ms. Abramson’s situation, and possibly assist her, on a pro bono basis. Another conference call was held and with the permission of both Ms. Abramson and respondent’s counsel, Ms. Ruth joined that call. A continuance was jointly requested by Ms. Abramson and respondent’s counsel.” Order, at p. 1.

Who contacted Ms Ruth? Was it IRS or the Court? I cannot think Ms. A had a list of CO pro bono Tax Court admitted attorneys at her fingertips or in her smartphone.

The case was on for trial, and a previous attorney, apparently representing both Schmeilers, bailed the year before last. And the trial had been continued last year.

But HHBJJJIJ continues it yet again, so Ms Ruth can delve into Ms. A’s situation.

But I’m left wondering: is there some sort of attorney referral program in Tax Court other than the two abovementioned?

Readers, please enlighten me.

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