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No doubt Christopher Isa Muhammad is a Virgin (Islander), and self-employed, but he really shouldn’t have ducked Judge David Gustafson’s gracious and obliging suggestion, more particularly bounded and described in my blogpost “The Self-Employed Virgin,” 11/12/15, to which your attention, dear reader, is most respectfully directed.

Judge Gustafson’s plea for enlightenment drew nothing from Chris and a motion to dismiss for want of prosecution from IRS.

What a shame. I was hoping for a series of learned exegeses on the subject of SE as an income tax, and the interplay thereof with the unguided Congressional largesse bestowed upon our Insolvent Islands in the Sun. And in fact IRS did a pretrial brief and a supplementary pretrial brief, neither of which is available for the perusal of the poor blogger without a trip to Our Nation’s Capital, which I decline to undertake unless well-compensated. Nevah hoppen, GI!

Well, though I and my readers are left in ignorance, IRS gets Chris tossed with a decision setting forth the deficiency, without penalty. The order is Christopher Isa Muhammad, filed 1/6/15.


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