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No, not an invitation to a birthday party, nor yet a lament for vanished youth, but a reminder from the newest star in the Tax Court firmament, Judge Tamara W. Ashford, to a candidate for all-star roundership, Chenery Management, Inc., Docket 23888-13L, filed 4/28/15.

I was awaiting a coruscation from Judge Ashford. As I said in my blogpost “Who Loves Chenery?”, 1/27/15, “…I look forward to posting many more scintillating opinions from Judge Ashford.

“Maybe she’ll even love Chenery.”

Well, not quite. Chenery has unloaded almost 900 electronic pages upon Judge Ashford, in support and in supplementation of a motion for summary judgment.

That’s OK, all in the course of big-ticket litigation.

But though singing the body electric in true Walt Whitman fashion, Chenery skipped a step.

Judge Ashford: “However, petitioner has not complied with the Tax Court’s instruction as set forth in its Electronic Case Access and Filing Guide with respect to the submission of a hard copy of an eFiled document in excess of 50 pages. The Guide, which is located on the Tax Court’s website under the eAccess tab, states that a party who files electronically ‘must send a paper courtesy copy of any eFiled document longer than 50 pages to the assigned Judge and all other parties in the case.” The courtesy copies should be mailed “within 3 business days of filing.” The undersigned has not yet received a courtesy copy of petitioner’s Motion for Summary Judgment, as supplemented, from petitioner.” Order, at p. 1.

And lest IRS should feel itself forgotten, “… petitioner, as well as respondent, is directed to follow the guideline set forth herein with respect to current and future eFiled documents that are more than 50 pages, supplements or attachments included.” Order, at p. 1.

So, chaps, chop down those trees, burn that carbon, weigh down the hapless posties or Fed Exes, and get that stuff over to Judge Ashford prontito.

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