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Besides Judge Holmes, Of Course

I cannot think too many people, even among the loyal 135 who follow this my blog (a poor thing, but mine own), are hanging breathless on the answer.

But since on this day of the great Snowmageddon, as the media have dubbed NYC’s non-event but Boston’s blizzard, the teletubbies at 400 Second Street, NW, have launched neither opinion nor designated hitter, I am relegated to reading orders yet again.

And I find that Chenery is once more coming to bat. No, not the two-time Supreme Court extravaganza, quoted by Judge Holmes in my blogpost “He Loves Chenery”, 12/17/14. No, this is a similarly-named entity that showed up on my blogpost “‘Oh No, It Isn’t!’ ‘Oh Yes, It Is’”, 6/3/14.

In the latter order, what IRS at first claimed wasn’t a NOD turns out to have been a NOD, and IRS conceded it was. So Chenery gets a hearing, right?

Not quite yet. First Ch J Michael B. (“Iron Mike”) Thornton must take it off the calendar for March 2 in Our Nation’s Capital, and then find some Tax Court Judge to deal with Chenery and its problems, “by trial or otherwise in due course,” Chenery Management, Inc., Docket No. 23888-13L, filed 1/27/15, at p. 1.

Well, you remember Tax Court acquired fresh talent last December, so Ch J Iron Mike looks over the rookies and assigns this case to Judge Tamara W. Ashford, who first appeared in my blogpost “New Kids on the Block”, 12/22/14.

As I said in my blogpost “Even More Impressive”, 1/1/15, “I look forward to posting many more scintillating opinions from Judge Ashford.”

Maybe she’ll even love Chenery.




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