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No, not the Central Park delight of my childrens’ earliest years, nor yet the Johnson-Ellicott-Binghamton collection, but rather the carousel stopped by Judge Lauber in my blogpost “Carousel”, 6/9/14.

Tax Court has issued a press release this date closing the carousel Jeff Holden wanted to get on to avoid testifying about Project Goldcrest in Amazon.Com, Inc & Subsidiaries, Docket No. 31197-12. My blogpost aforementioned tells the tale.

Here’s the press release: “The United States Tax Court announced that the hearing to be held in Amazon.Com, Inc. & Subsidiaries v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Docket No. 31197-12, during a Special Session of the Court in Washington, D.C., beginning at 1:00 p.m. on October 24, 2014, will be closed to the public. The Court will hear the testimony of one of petitioner’s witnesses who will be unavailable during the trial of the case scheduled to commence in Seattle, Washington, on November 3, 2014.”

I wonder what Jeff, or whoever the mystery witness may be, has to say that cannot be heard by all the world. And why Judge Lauber, or whichever power-that-be, thought it necessary to put out a press release.


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