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As Harry Golden, raconteur and essayist, put it more than fifty years ago, “The most famous expression among the immigrants on the East Side of New York was ‘A klug zu Columbus’n’ which, freely translated, meant that Columbus should have broken his head before he discovered it (America).  The expression was always used in good humor and often as a term of endearment, as we shall see.”

Mr Golden went on to describe Columbus as a folk-hero, a kind of mythic figure both praised and blamed, but ultimately the source of good-humored comment.

Howbeit, my readers, descendants of immigrants as we all are, whether our several ancestors crossed the Bering Strait coming from the Olduvai Gorge, or from the steppes of Central Asia, or even across the Atlantic or Pacific, I note that Tax Court is closed today, so I can bring y’all neither entertainment nor enlightenment.

Enjoy a day off, whether it be for you Indigenous Peoples’ Day or Columbus Day. And anyway, have a klug zu Columbus’n.



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