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I’m not feeling particularly Auld Lang Syney today, as the Tax Court website is letting 2022 fade away in a flurry of routine orders. But this year was momentous.

The scholarly articles are starting to blossom as the blogosphere and the trade press slice, dice, and digest the Supremes’ effort to bring “discipline” to Tax Court jurisdiction via Boechler, P.C. My sources tell me that I, even I, am mentioned in one dispatch in an academic law review, a sacred grove hitherto unpolluted by my nonwhite shoes. Even though only a footnote, it’s something.

My specific comments need no further airing. I expect the silt stirred by Washington Nine will provide me with blogfodder throughout my declining years, even more prolific than the Great Graev tsunami kicked off by The Jersey Boys.

The supernal intermeddling by jurists afar remote from the actual practice of law and the operational difficulties of the trench warriors who must take what Congress has given them, no matter how far inadequate, and “stoop and build ’em up with wornout tools” is a wonderful aid to the blogger.

While the year just past brought me sorrow at a personal level, it has certainly provided journalistic joy.

Happy New Year to all!


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