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The Incompetence Epidemic

We have just seen a world-class shambolic schemozzle at Southwest Airlines that put the DAWSON debacle in the shade.

I myself, though not a passenger on SWA, have seen a similar. For more than forty years, I have dealt with National Life of Vermont, formerly one of the best-run, old-line, mutual insurance companies, whose ancestry goes back to 1848.

I initiated a transaction on December 1, 2022, which had to be completed by close of business tomorrow.  It will not be completed. The crew at National Life Group (its current iteration, which bears no resemblance to its ancestor) is incapable of issuing a check and getting it to me in New York. I had three times emphasized the importance of the transaction, each time was assured to would be dealt with. I was told National Life Group only mailed checks; they were incapable of sending one by PDS, even after I offered to give them my account to which to bill.

They were twice incapable of issuing a check and mailing it.

My relationship with them will terminate. I strongly suggest anyone who reads this to consider carefully whether they wish to commence or maintain a relationship with an organization that makes the Genius Baristas and 18F look like Einstein meets Hawking.


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