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Nick and Vinny are the controlling shareholders of Parkway Gravel, Inc., and Subsidiaries, Docket No. 101819-21, filed 11/1/22; they are also the sole partners of V&N Partnership. V&N had an option (nature of which not stated) with respect to some DE real estate that Parkway sold six (count ’em, six) years after the option agreement. Parkway got $11.1 million, which was split between V&N (who sold its option to the purchaser) and Parkway.

IRS claims want of economic substance, and Parkway (a C Corp) should pick up the entire gain. Parkway says “…multiple bona fide business purposes existed for the agreement, including to dedicate [the Partnership] to the purpose of maximizing the value of the property…, (ii) the Partnership ‘had the time, ability, and funding necessary to help maximize the value of the property’…, and (iii) the ‘bona fide business purpose of the Option Agreement materialized into an increased value of over $4 million’.” Order, at p. 2.

How exactly this was done by V&N and not by Vinny and Nick as controlling stockholders of Parkway is what IRS wants to know. And apparently another corporation, which bears surnames identical to those of Vinny and Nick, provided services to Parkway, the precise nature of which excite IRS’ curiosity.

STJ Eunkyong (“N’Yawk”) Choi has this one.

IRS has sent interrogatories to Parkway, some of which were answered sufficiently, but the third corporation’s particulars are sufficiently obscure so Parkway is ordered to do better. STJ N’Yawk Choi dwells on Rule 71(b); “I don’t know” is not a sufficient answer unless one can state one has made reasonable inquiry and gotten hold of reasonably available information.

Parkway has offered to supplement the responses it has provided to the interrogatories if  further information becomes available. While this may be an appropriate response where the relevant information is in the hands of others, here it falls short.

“With respect to Parkway’s offer to supplement its response to Interrogatory 9 if more information becomes available, we note that the persons who provided the services to the Partnership (and who would ostensibly possess such information) are the controlling shareholders of Parkway, which would raise significant questions should more information be forthcoming at a later date.” Order, at pp. 3-4.

That means, translated from Judgespeak, “Oh yeah? You sure about that? Let me help you out.”

“We will give Parkway 14 days to provide a further supplement to its responses to Interrogatories 9 and 10, if it so wishes.” Order, at p. 4.

When you’re on both sides now, like Joni Mitchell, you’d better tell the whole story.


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