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WordPress, the business that sponsors this my blog, is once again inserting advertisements on each of my blogposts, past, present, and (I assume) future, as I refuse to pay protection money to prevent this.

That is of course their right, as their cyberspace is private property. WordPress can rent out their spaces on such terms as they see fit, and unhappy lessees can always go elsewhere.

That is, until some Musk Ox moves in and imposes his own régime.

So, wedded as I am to “the same old stand,” as Justice Cardozo defined the basis of good will, I again warn my readers that I have no control over what advertisers or what advertising content WordPress permits or excludes; I receive no compensation from any advertiser. I make no guarantee, warranty, representation, or undertaking, with respect to any advertisement or anything in any thereof contained. Anyone who deals with, purchases, leases, subleases, licenses, acquires (whether by purchase, sale, exchange, disposition or otherwise) anything or service, tangible or intangible, from any advertiser, does so strictly and exclusively at their own risk. I expressly disclaim any obligation or liability in respect of any thereof.

Anyone reading anything on my site, by the mere act of visiting the same, consents and agrees to all the foregoing without reservation.


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