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It seems the Genius Baristas and the 18Fs are at it again. Judge Nega issued an off-the-bencher today in Lewis Arnold Rice, Docket No. 6385-21, but, despite Lewis Arnold’s masterful spelling, all that’s posted is Judge Nega’s order to send the transcript, not the transcript itself.

Of course, the Genius Baristas and 18Fs did post Judge Nega’s entry of decision, hitting up Lewis Arnold for $13K. But the why and wherefore are shrouded in mystery.

See my blogposts “The Stealth Opinion,” 4/5/21, and “The Stealth Transcript,” 4/22/21.

Most especially, see my blogpost “Cracking Up,” 2/27/14.

I can do no better than to quote Judge Ronald L. (“Ingenuity”) Buch.

“Judicial opinions are the ‘heart of the common law system’ and serve as ‘a critical component of what we understand to be the ‘law.’ Statutes and regulations provide simply an outline; judicial opinions fill in the details by providing the rule of law the court applied, the court’s rationale in applying that law, and the underlying facts.

“Judicial opinions serve many purposes: they assist attorneys in advising clients and preparing cases; they provide the lower court’s rationale when the appellate court must evaluate its decision; they inform the public of the court’s analysis; and they establish clear and articulate rules for the future.” 2014 T. C. Memo. 35, at pp. 24-25. (Footnote omitted).

So c’mon, Genius Baristas. Lewis Arnold’s case isn’t sealed. Let’s have some show-and-tell.


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