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In spite of it all, I have a love-hate relationship with the Genius Baristas. These dudes keep The Glasshouse on Second Street, Nord-Ouest, in La Patrie de L’Enfant, forever on the twinkle. Their Dawsonian machinations give me blogfodder, rich beyond the ancient fleshpots of Egypt or the angelic bread of the wilderness.

Today, an off-the-bencher from ex-Ch J L Paige (“Iron Fist”)  Marvel furnishes forth the blogger’s table.  It’s Robert Marcel Aschenbrenner & Rediat Badeg Aschenbrenner, Docket No. 2676-20S, filed 4/22/21.

Or rather, it isn’t.

Because when one clicks on the link for the bench opinion on the “Today’s Opinions” pull-down, one gets only the first page of the opinion, directing the hard-laboring Clerk to send the transcript along to Rob & Red.

The rest is silence.

A further delve into the Docket Search does show entry of the decision, namely, viz., and to wit, that Rob & Red owe a $7K deficiency.

But ex-Ch J Iron Fist’s explication of the whys and wherefores remains shackled with fetters of brass to the storm-vext rock of DAWSON.

The Stealth Transcript has become one with The Stealth Subpoena, The Stealth Determination, The Stealth Judge, The Stealth Boss Hoss, The Stealth Status Report, and The Stealth Amendment. See my blogposts thus entitled.


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