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The Genius Baristas are being dragged upward by popular demand, though their leaden-footed pace is nowise increased.

Today, however, they boast of their accomplishments, past, present, and to come, including without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing (as my high-priced colleagues would say),”(T)he ability to view unsealed documents in cases where some, but not all, documents have been sealed.” Not now, of course; this, they promise, “will be implemented in the coming months.”

Why hurry, chaps? It’s only been since last July, when one off-the-bench ruling (with no written order) on one proffer of evidence sealed a 191-page T. C. Memo. on DAWSON. The Memo was immediately splayed all over every other part of the internet, of course. See my blogposts “A Seal Upon Your Arm,” 7/15/21, and “Further to the Foregoing,” of even date therewith, as the aforesaid colleagues would say.

Really, Sisyphus would get a giggle out of my efforts to chip a millimeter off the Rock of Svithjod. But like him, I persevere, alone.


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