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I just blogged the Genius Baristas’ boast of their numerous accomplishments, past, present, and to come, in what has been called my “sardonic” style. See my blogposts “Guess Who Reads My Blog – Part Deux,” 8/11/14, and  “Sisyphus Would Giggle,” 2/1/22.

But one true accomplishment is the implementation, after many long years, of the Rule 34(a) all-electronic filing of petitions, amendments, and ratifications.

Finally, the wet-and-blue ink requirement has earned its well-deserved retirement. For the historical background, see my blogpost “Song Sung Blue,” 11/15/13.

Wet-and-blue has been superseded by “an actual signature on a PDF or a signature using an authentication program (e.g., Adobe or DocuSign).” Tonetta Renee Louie & Timothy Jermayne Louis, Docket No. 35275-21S, filed 2/1/22, Order, at p. 1..

Well done, Genius Baristas and Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley. Can links to orders, opinions and decisions be far behind? Or even (gasp!) online dockets like PACER?

  1. Not helpful


  2. What is “not helpful”? My blogpost, or their accomplishment?


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