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As I post my last for calendar 2021, I recall, from the earliest days of my infancy, Norman Corwin’s monumental 1945 radio play thus entitled, which aired VE-day. However dated and bombastic it may sound to jaded modern ears (assuming we can pry their blueteeth loose and Sisyphus-like roll their attention spans to greater than five (count ’em, five) seconds), it remains the greatest radio broadcast of all time.

No opinions, decisions, orders, or press releases today. The tumult and the shouting have died, the captains and the kings are checking the temp on the Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame or the Billecart-Salmon Cuvée Elisabeth Salmon Rosé (and if the temp is right, please save a couple glasses for Judge Holmes and me). The Ancient Sacrifice is hanging out, as usual, per Psalm 51:17 and Rudy Kipling.

But, praise be, we have the old USTC DAWSONized website chugging again, at full cask strength. One can word-search, download, cut-and-paste, and even link (no more PDF-ing and footnoting). Loud cheers from this bedraggled, grizzled blogger.

And this my blog’s December views total has climbed above 4700 for the first time ever, going 20% better than ever in the last eleven (count ’em, eleven, and you’d better believe I have) years.

So no matter the vicissitudes of 2021, the year ends on a note of triumph.

Happy New Year!


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