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As the radio announcers calling baseball games would tell the box score-marking fans, I’ve got the latest docket number from the US Tax Court website this date at 3:50 p.m. Eastern Time: 30604-21.

I predicted exactly a month ago that we’d see 32,000 petitions filed this year. We’re right on track. See my blogpost “26822-21,” 10/15/21.

  1. They stayed late and got to 30625 after you went home. That’s an average of almost 96 a day, so I’ll predict 35,000 for the year. Case 17500-21 was received May 21 — they didn’t get around to serving it until August 6, but they’re less than two months behind now.


  2. Energetic and zealous. 35,000 may not be the stretch I thought it would be. Of course, if even a tenth of these had to go to trial, it would burst the system.


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