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As at 12:09 p.m., EDT, the highest docket number assigned to Tax Court petitions filed in calendar 2021 has reached the above-stated number. Y’all will recall that, back on 8/16/21, Tax Court announced that it had reached out to selected stakeholders to seek ways and means to prevent assessment and collection actions where petitions had been filed but not been served on IRS. If you don’t, see my blogposts “Premature,” 7/23/21, and “Draining the Swamp,” 8/17/21.

Of course, the hardlaboring intake clerks and flailing datestampers have only gotten to the end of July.

I expect to see  at least 32,000 petitions by year’s end. The tsunami continues, the swamp overflows, and I await the report of the selected stakeholders as to their recommended remedies.

  1. They did several dozen more cases after lunch. The highest number I found was 26885-21. But what is happening with cases 26830-21S and 26880-21? They show an initial date of 10/15/21, where the “date received” in late July usually appears. And they indicate the status of “Not Served.” Maybe these are faulty petitions, requiring an order for filing fee or signature?

    Also, the numbers are not assigned in the order received. 26860-21 was filed 7/22/21, a week before 26822-21S.


    • Hardlaboring intake clerks, flailing datestampers, awash in the tsunami, swept under and into the swamp. It will take years to sort
      out this inundation. The elect amongst the stakeholders will be left holding the stakes, and the rest of us will be left holding the Michael Corleone gambit..


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