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The Plot Thickens

Back in August, 2019, Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley didn’t designate his order in Michael D. Tringali & Kathleen L. Tringali, Docket No.15592-17, filed 8/29/19*, so I never blogged it. But that order revealed whose Dad filed the allegedly bogus petition.

M & K claimed “… that this case was initiated without their knowledge and that petitioner Michael D. Tringali’s father has established a post office box to receive and intercept mail related to this case.” Order, at p. 1.

OK, so if there had been an order directing M & K to ratify the petition, they never would have seen it. Except a docket search reveals no such order. Most unusual, unless Mike’s Dad is a USTCP or admitted attorney. In that case, he had better look up ABA Model Rule 8.4(c), which Rule 201(a) makes applicable to non-attorney practitioners as well as the rest of us. And CSTJ Lewis (“What A Name!”) Carluzzo might well ask Dad for a Rule 201(b) statement.

Well, unless there is a Rule 161 recon or Rule 162 vacation, or even less likely a disciplinary order, we will never know why no order directing ratification was sent to M & K, even if Dad could have intercepted it.

But I’m prepared to make a modest wager that Dad is a FL attorney.

*M & K Tringali 15592-17 8 29 19


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