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So far, that is, at 4:42 p.m., Eastern time, there have been posted 539 orders on the Tax Court website. None has come from Judge James S. (“Big Jim”) Halpern; that is to say, none has come from Judge Big Jim that has been posted.

This morning I telephoned Chambers to find out when there would issue the order or decision embodying the result of Judge Big Jim’s 72 (count ’em, 72) page monograph on the publicity of the anonymous (for which see my blogpost “A. Nonymus, Serial Blower – Blown,” 9/28/21; you won’t find nary a page on the Tax Court website, as same is sealed, notwithstanding that I and the entire online law community have posted it “far and wee”).

Public Affairs responded that the order would post today. However, as I anticipated in my above-referred-to blogpost when I asked if A. would be outed in the order, Public Affairs told me that A. would be given a chance to appeal to DC Cir again.

The iron curtain has descended yet again.


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