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The current régime at the Clerk’s Office in The Glasshouse on Second Street seems to emit opinions one day a week, and Monday is not one such. Why this should be eludes me, as does the hesitancy to release opinions before 3:00 p.m., Eastern (US) time; why Europe and Africa should have to await the collective wisdom of the Tax Court bench until the morrow (unless they burn the midnight fossil fuel) seems unfair.

Howbeit, other than an order embodying a reprise of an admonition from Judge Morrison in a case I reported earlier this month (see my blogpost “Lord Chief Justice Campbell’s Dictum – Part Deux,” 9/8/21), which you can look up and read for yourselves if you’re looking to waste your time, there is nothing worthy of note.

I’m going to watch my daughter’s webinar; it’s much more interesting.



  1. After you left they posted that 72-page whistleblower decision. When they noticed you hadn’t seen it, they posted it again today.

    The people in Europe and Africa can’t read any opinions the next morning unless they are early risers, because the court takes them down around midnight in the Eastern Time Zone. I’m three hours behind and have to remember to look before 9pm if I want to keep up.


  2. Mr Kamman, as I said today, the 3:00 p.m., Eastern deadline had past yesterday. Rarely indeed has any opinion posted thereafter. As for the midnight withdrawal of the day’s opinions and orders, I have long been protesting DAWSON’s removal of daily summaries and links. So far, I’ve had neither results nor responses from the Genius Baristas. I have called for formation of a US Tax Court Bar Association to provide an organization whereby meritorious proposals might be shown to have widespread practitioner support. So far, crickets. If you and others like you either confine your suggestions to comments to my blog, or remain silent, you can expect nothing else.


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