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We’ve met them many times in our practices. You know, the loveable rogue. Yeah, straight as a corkscrew, but there’s something about the dude.

Note: very rarely does a woman fall into this category; women eschew persiflage, are too direct. Ms. Elizabeth Holmes is intimidating, not ingratiating.

Anyway, Greg Podlucky is back today, and just two words in Judge Albert G (“Scholar Al”) Lauber’s stitching up of summary J precluding Greg from denying that he “fraudulently underpaid his tax for the 2005 tax year” brought even more than a grimace to my battered visage. I smiled, even got a wee bit teary, remembering times long ago. And the memories of those times brought a fleeting moment of fellow-feeling for Greg.

Then, of course, it dissipated.

The words? “The Government alleged that petitioner fabricated [Greg’s business]’ financial statements to induce lenders and investors to advance funds to the business. Petitioner during 2005 allegedly diverted more than $7 million of his ill-gotten gains to buy jewelry, model trains, and a mansion house.” Order, at p. 2. (Emphasis added).

Model trains, Judge? Have you ever opened the blue cardboard boxes of the first postwar American Flyer red coaches your Dad bought for you the last Christmas he was home? Have you ever set up the Hornby Mallard to run around the Christmas tree with two young and eager assistants? Ever set up the Märklin model of the railcar you rode from Ansbach to Steinach to visit your old Army buddy from boot camp?

If not, please accept my sincerest sympathies.

Model trains, indeed. Magic. A glimpse of Heaven.

Gregory J. Podlucky and Karla S. Podlucky, Docket No. 453-17, filed 8/24/21.*

*Gregory J Podlucky 453-17 8:24:21

  1. And Now based on this newly discovered evidence from the United States Tax Court trial on October 05, 2021 and October 07, 2021, the worldwide authority on revenues, the CIR, the Podluckys’ affirmations and claims have been proven by the CIR which is a complete contradiction of the CIR’s previous investigation that was formalized as a Prosecution Report that resulted in (1) the wrongful prosecution of the Podluckys, and (2) the wrongful confiscation of their personal assets, and children’s asset management trust.
    Consequently, LNI is now determined to be a highly profitable enterprise by the CIR, and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S misguided allegation that LNI’s audited financial statements by Price Waterhouse Cooper, Ernst & Young, BDO Seidman, Boston & Associates, bank auditors, and many other financial institutions’ auditors were fraudulent is now completely contradicted by the CIR. And proves that there was no cause for criminal prosecution of the Podluckys.

    Moreover, this newly discovered evidence is cause for exonerating the Podluckys by vacating Gregory Joseph Podlucky’s judgment in a criminal case, quashing his indictments and related matters such as the confiscation of Gregory Joseph Podlucky’s and his wife’s assets and children’s asset management trust as the alleged violations of inter alia, 18 U.S.C. §§ 1341 (mail fraud), 1343 (wire fraud), 1344 (bank fraud), 1956(a)(1) (laundering of monetary instruments) and 1957(a) (engaging in unlawful monetary transactions) are now void-ab-initio .


  2. The foregoing, which I received a few minutes go, appears here as a matter of record, that is, for the fact that it was said, and not for the truth of anything said therein. I have no means of confirming any of the statements therein, and reliance thereon is at your own risk.


  3. The sender of the first of the above tried a bombardment of more of the same, with a threat of a libel action. First, I don’t back down to threats; the Ukrainian border patrol on Snake Island said it best. Second, if the sender is unhappy with the Judge’s decision, take an appeal. CCA can reverse him, I can’t. If the sender is unhappy with the laws, let him write his Senators and Representative. They can change the laws; I can’t.


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