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You’d think that Andrea Finegan-Bryan, Docket No. 17566-18, filed 6/15/21, or more appropriately her trusty attorneys, would have figured out that, to get Section 7430 legals and admins, it would be best to follow the one-hit wonder above referred to in the title first set forth at the head hereof, as my about-to-have-their-two-Martini-lunch colleagues would say. But there may be contrary strategic considerations; see infra, as the aforesaid colleagues would say.

Andrea and trusty attorneys hold back, so Judge Patrick J. (“Scholar Pat”) Urda sends them down with nothing, even though IRS folds when Andrea’s trusty attorneys unload the hardship info they’d discussed at Appeals but never showed until ready for trial of Andrea’s innocent spousery.

“…the Commissioner’s decision to concede came only after Ms. Finegan-Bryan provided updated financial information (after ignoring multiple opportunities to do so in both the Office of Appeals and this Court) that supported her position on economic hardship, which had previously weighed against her.” Order, at p. 6. (Footnote omitted, but it says since IRS was justified, Judge Scholar Pat won’t discuss failure to exhaust administrative remedies or unreasonably protracting the proceedings).

All IRS had on Andrea’s plus side at Appeals was that she was divorced. The economic hardship info swung the pointer her way after Appeals was done. Turns out the case might have been mooted out, because Andrea’s loved-once ponied up the three (count ’em, three) years’ worth of missing returns and paid up what was at issue, while trusty attorneys were playing tag at Appeals.

But trusty attorneys wanted Andrea adjudged innocent, because part of those payments might have been credited to Andrea in the ongoing equitable distribution split-up fight; maybe they held off nailing down innocent spousery until after loved-once paid up, lest he condition payment on Andrea acknowledging credit for her piece. Yeah, I’m speculating, but that’s a blogger’s prerogative.

I wonder if Scholar Pat beat me to it, and wasn’t giving Andrea’s trusty attorneys a Federal payday on top of their canny maneuvering.


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