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CSTJ Lewis (“Delightful Name”) Carluzzo has to protect the Section 6105(a) confidential tax convention information that gave rise to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between IRS and the Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue (VIBIR). This document has featured again and again this my blog; from the late Appleton to the peripatetic Ventos to the Coffey break, it’s been the gift that keeps on giving. This blogger has been an unintended beneficiary of the now-extinct Congressional largesse to Our Insolvent Islands in the Sun.

And who is on the receiving end of CSTJ Lew’s gag order today, but counsel for that well-known bamboozler Dewayne Bridges, et al., Docket No. 26519-16, filed 6/7/21? For Dewayne’s backstory, see my blogpost “The Reconsidered Bamboozle,” 11/12/20.

Only counsel and those expressly permitted by IRS can cast an eye on the magic documents. Dewayne and his buddy Steve can’t look.


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