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Once or twice in the past I have been asked by those whose stories I’ve blogged, and casual readers of this my blog, why I have my blogsite headed with the phrase that first appears hereinabove at the head hereof (as my paid-by-the-word colleagues would say).

Simply put, I cannot secure my IT infrastructure against hackers. Any personal information I receive other than face-to-face, word-of-mouth, and in an electronically-secured location, or on paper in a sealed envelope via USPS or an IRS-approved PDS, is a fortiori insecure.

As we know, the US gov’t has been repeatedly hacked; the largest gas pipeline company has been hacked. The largest meatpacker has been hacked.

Exactly how IRS, the EU (whose members have all of them been hacked, whether they admit it or not), or anyone else, expects a single-shingle “general practitioner of limited experience and mediocre qualifications” to do what governments with unlimited resources, and megabusinesses with resources at least equal to those of many governments, cannot do, eludes me.


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