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I often feel like the voice crying in the wilderness. Either everyone but myself is overjoyed with the new, improved (???), jim-handy DAWSON electronicated coruscation, or is just resigned to the current opacity.

But being in a minority of one never stopped me yet. Besides, I see today that I am not alone. Even the august Tax Court Office of Information Services, the Keepers of the Scared Flame, gets swangtangled in the new, improved et cetera.

Case in point: Kiran Rawat, Petitioner and Raghvendra Singh, Intervenor, Docket No. 11350-18, filed 3/29/21. Kiran wants to get off the electrons and onto the paper chase. True, Kirwan and Raghvendra have filed seven (count ’em, seven) petitions before, and strewn paper and e-mail addresses broadcast. Read Judge Gale’s hereinbefore-cited order for the backstory.

Seems Raghvendra is in the slammer since he filed this petition. But all the paper seems to be going to his free world address.

Here’s Judge Gale: “Although the Court’s Order served January 28, 2021, directed the Clerk of the Court to change intervenor’s mailing address of record, the Court was thereafter notified by the Deputy Clerk of the Court that due to technical limitations the Clerk could not complete the foregoing directive at that time. Consequently, intervenor’s mailing address of record has not changed during the pendency of this case.” Order, at p. 3, footnote 3.

Great system, guys. Takes more than two (count ’em, two) months to change a mailing address.

We might (or might not) get searchable opinions and orders by the end of the current millennium.

In the meantime, let the Clerk change Kiran’s service to mail-only, and get her the four documents in paper that she already got electronically.

Edited to add, 4/20/21: See order of even date herewith. “On April 5, 2021, the Court received an envelope bearing a postmark of March 31, 2021, and containing a document signed and dated by petitioner on March 30, 2021. The document, titled ‘Notice of change of address of Petitioner’s witness’, is addressed both to the Court and counsel for respondent and lists a current mailing address for intervenor Raghvendra Singh at North Kern State Prison (NKSP).” Order, at p. 1.

Judge Gale, not willing to deal with several purported addresses, susses out the correct address by contacting the North Kern State Prison, and gets assured that North Kern State will reroute mail as necessary. And tells all hands to use the correct address, lest he visit condign punishment on those who do not.

Proves the old saw: If you want something done right, do it yourself.

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