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Today Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley rebukes Jordan S. Musen, Esq., for signing the same Entry of Appearance as Joanne H. Kim, Esq. The rule, y’all remember, is separate checks when checking in to Tax Court. See my blogpost “The System Won’t Allow It,” 4/3/20.

And that’s so, even post-DAWSON, when the system was apparently beClouded, supposedly to make it more user-friendly (yeah, most F affirmative; the F is for emphasis).

Y’all can get the ganze geschichte, as my beloved grandma would have put it, in Maria I. Amaya a.k.a. Maria Ilda Ramos Amaya, Docket No. 3082-20, filed 2/19/21.

But Joanne and Jordan must have got it right before now, or maybe the system loosened up a little, because only last month they appeared together as IRS’ counsel in 156 T. C. 1; see the reference to the text in my blogpost “We Don’t Need No Authority,” 1/14/21. DAWSON won’t let me link to the Tax Court text of the opinion. Edited to add, 7/10/21: except I did figure it out, no thanks to the Genius Baristas or the 18F, whoever they might be.

And a quick docket search in that case shows neither Entry of Appearance nor bounce of any.

Besides, since when does IRS counsel have to file Entry of Appearance? Not that that’s a bad idea.

Maybe we should finally get a law firm – gov’t agency attorney master E of A filing system that does allow it. Think the Genius Baristas are capable of that?


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