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Apparently to make room for Martin, George and Abe were telescoped by act of Congress, and all three (count ’em, all three) were born again on a Monday by like means.

So nothing from The Glasshouse on Second Street on this public holiday in the District of the Taxed But Unrepresented.

But since I have time, and space here to fill, I’ll lament that I cannot look up previous days’ orders and opinions to fill this space. The Genius Baristas washed that away in Dawson’s Creek. I hope they had the mother wit to save the old files and the means to install them in the new system; and they should do so with all due deliberate speed. If the aim of DAWSON is to make life simpler and better for litigants (especially the self-representeds who make up the vast majority of Tax Court petitioners), then the ability to find precedents for legal arguments, without incurring the cost of the commercial services like Westlaw and Lexis/Nexis, should be a priority. One can spend hundreds of dollars for subscriptions to commercial legal research services, and even pay-per-view costs money. Moreover, when Tax Court is involved, the cost-free online services leave much to be desired.

The old system, with its search features, was free of charge, and worked very well.

A word of explanation may be needed here (if I don’t, someone is sure to ask). I have designated the designers of DAWSON as the Genius Baristas, a heavy-handed ironical derivative of the Genius Bar, which is to be found in the Apple stores. The Mac Geniuses stationed thereat are professional Mac problem-solvers, and do great work. I have availed myself of their services, as I am a Mac user in private life (PC in the office, to be compatible with the network there). Please do not conflate the Mac pros with the DAWSON types.


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