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I take my text from John Lennon’s best-selling solo performance.

I have probably overwearied my readers with my complaints about DAWSON. In my own defense, I have received feedback from other bloggers with not dissimilar criticisms. Nonetheless, I will try to keep this blog from becoming an endless gripe session, as these are neither edifying nor amusing. Neither does griping influence anyone who can effect an improvement; they just go into a defensive hedgehog, “consuming miles of red tape in the correctest forms of activity,” and convinced that everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

But today I encounter one who seems to be a fellow-sufferer, albeit on the practitioner’s side, rather than the journalist’s.

I don’t know his/her name, but Ch J Maurice B (“Mighty Mo”) Foley tells the sorry tale in his accustomed laconic style.

“…counsel for respondent attempted to file an Entry of Appearance in the above-docketed matter. However, the underlying submission reflects no substantive content, instead suggesting a problem with the upload process.” Brad A. Governor, Docket No. 3788-20S, filed 1/25/21, Order, at p. 1.

One person’s frustrated upload is another’s frustrated download. Or search.

The failed filing is stricken, of course. And Charles Dickens’ Circumlocution Office goes on.


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