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I cannot repeat the words of Henry Clay, the Great Compromiser, who said he would rather be right than President, and who was neither.

The arrival of the new, improved (now put up the real website), jim-dandy DAWSON fully justifies my comment back on 10/12/20 (see my blogpost that date “Up Dawson’s Creek”), namely, viz., and to wit, “Given the schemozzle that occurred when the jazzy new homepage was unleashed in July, I can just see what December 28 will bring us, when the Genius Baristas push the ‘ENTER’ key. ‘Shambolic’ isn’t even close.”

I would a lot sooner be compelled to eat my words without Worcestershire sauce. A magnificent new, user-friendly, all-encompassing, accessible even to the ham-fisted touch of the most technophobic Luddite, lightning-fast, beyond-state-of-the-art site would have convulsed me with glee. I would have groveled before the Genius Baristas, proclaiming them the heirs of Prometheus, who “brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends.”

But what we got approaches the current political scene, where I will not tread.

Happy New Year.


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